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A True Story of a Young Man with a New Heart

Author: Ng Peng Hock

A 20-year-old young man, Richard (not his real name) considered
he was given a very special present - a new heart a new life,
when he underwent a successful heart transplantation operation
on New Year's Eve of the year of 2004.

When he was 16, he suffered his first heart attack when he felt
his heart beating abnormally fast and his chest tighten in pain.
3 more heart attacks were triggered when he was sent to
hospital. He was diagnosed with idiopathic dilated
cardiomyopathy and ventricular tachycardia. He was a rare case
of genetic heart disease.

An Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (AICD) was
implanted in his chest which will be triggered to electric-shock
his heart back to normal rhythm in the event of a heart attack.
This little mechanical device saved his life many times in the
next 4 years.

Physically, he was not like before. He tired easily with weight
reduced drastically. Though he could continue his college study,
his heart was dying. Shortly after suffering a serious heart
attack triggered by a bout of fever in 2003, he had 2 more
attacks. He was hospitalized twice in a week. 6 months later,
his legs were swelled and he was again hospitalized. He was
referred to the heart transplant coordinator for a heart
transplant because his heart function was then down to 10
percent and a heart transplant was the only way to save him.

He was very depressed and thought he was doomed for sure.

Having too many doubts in his mind, he finally made up his mind
to go ahead with the transplant after he saw other heart
transplanted patients without recognizing them as one.

Nevertheless, he had to bear a series of frustration, anger,
hopelessness especially when his first suitable donor got away
due to unforeseen circumstances. To add to his disappointment,
the heart of the second donor was too big for him although the
blood type and tissue were matched.

On Christmas 2004, he finally got his special gift - a new
heart, a new life.

His journey was never alone. The doctors and medical personnel
were there trying their best to keep his heart pumping. Most
importantly, they kept his spirit up and never let him give up.
His parents had to find means to support his huge medical fees.

He just like a normal person although he needs the discipline
and willpower to take his medications everyday, go to cardiac
rehabilitation every week, and control his diet. He can now
engage with outdoor activities like swimming and camping.

He encourages people with heart disease to battle it out and not
to let the disease take the heart out of living. Heart problem
can happen to both young and old, be it congenital or not. The
first step to take care of your heart is aware of your heart

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